Michael Figueroa
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Obituary of Michael Figueroa

Michael Figueroa, passed away on July 21, 2020. He was born on May 24, 1946 in Puerto Rico.

He was the youngest of seven children, born to Flora and Augustine Figueroa, whom he is predeceased by. He is also predeceased by two sisters Ana and Elba and one brother Lolo.

Michael is survived by his sisters Rafaela of Georgia, Ramona of Florida and Laura of the Bronx, NY; as well as 18 nieces and nephews and 19 great-nieces and nephews.

Though his sisters did not live physically close, he was always in their hearts.

In August of 1994, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael. Michael was a big man of 240lbs and I quickly learned why. I had four other men living with me. At mealtime, I would fill Michael’s plate and by the time I filled the other guys’ plates Michael’s would be empty. He was a fast eater, I for a time, thought I had forgotten to fill his. He LOVED to eat; but with daily exercise and some adjustments on my part, Michael slimmed down, but he continued to love food!

He quickly became a loving family member. Michael enjoyed being out and about I had a Town Car, he would sit in the back seat sporting his fedora, a dapper guy. People would ask me “are you chauffeuring someone famous?”

Michael always introduced himself, he would ask anyone he met “What’s your name, are you Spanish?” Any answer was followed by a chuckle and a reply “I’m Michael Figueroa from Puerto Rico.”

Boy, he loved music! He would clap and dance whenever music was playing. He especially loved parties with a DJ.

With Michael it wasn’t about what he couldn’t do, but the things he could do. He laughed freely and loved unconditionally!

My favorite memory of Michael over the years was when he would stretch his arm and wave at me and say “Russell, do you like me?” In a gruff voice, I would answer “No!” Michael would think that was so funny.

Michael, I didn’t like you, I LOVED you! My heart aches and I will miss you but I can smile and rest because I know you are dancing with the Angels. Rest in Peace, my friend.

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